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For you -  A signed, hardcover copy of Molly's Miracle. 


For Rescue Coop - A paperback copy of Molly's Miracle to provide to their dog adopters. 


Molly the Beagle is broken. She knows it, and soon everyone else will too. Molly has been abandoned by a cruel owner, left alone to fend for herself in the streets. She is hurt, she is hungry, and most of all Molly is unloved. She tries to make friends but everywhere she goes, she is turned away, treated harshly, told to leave.

When all hope is lost, Molly meets her miracle… a girl whose very special gift is just what Molly needs to see the value in herself.  Molly’s Miracle is a story of love, acceptance, kindness, and the light that shines in everyone – no matter their circumstance.

Molly's Miracle - Rescue Coop Edition

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  • Free Shipping

  • Returns of this version are not accepted due to the additional paperback version being sent to Rescue Coop.

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