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Press Kit

Need more information about Murph or his books? Download his press kit!

Molly's Miracle

Molly's Miracle Cover.jpg

The first in a series of 6 books teaching children about inclusion with stories that highlight unique families, individuals and dogs, all living their best lives. 

Be aware: This book encourages empathy for animals by depicting some actions which sensitive readers may find disturbing.

We do this because we firmly believe that exposing children to animal mistreatment at a young age leads to less animal mistreatment. 

Daisy's Daydream

Daisy doesn't understand any of the rules. She lived on the street for a long time. She doesn't know why she can't chew that tasty remote control; she doesn't know why she has to go outside to pee; she doesn't understand why she can't grab things off the counter. Daisy new owners love her but Daisy is afraid they will send her away because they get frustrated when she makes mistakes. Daisy must learn to live within the rules; her owners must learn to practice patience.

cover copy.jpg

Beans' Big Day

Beans revised cover.jpg

Wheelchair dogs have way more fun! But when Beans goes looking for sausages, she finds herself a great big bunch of trouble instead. Beans the Dachshund is lost! She is trying to get back home but all of the people she meets tell her they cannot help because Beans' owner, Jack, has forgotten to give her an ID tag or microchip. The race is on for Beans and Jack to find each other again before night falls. Will they reunite? Read Beans' Big Day and find out!

For the Love of Max

Coming soon: A new book in the "Molly's Miracle" series. For the love of Max helps children process the pain of pet loss and move through to understanding that love can never die.

Boy with Pug Puppy

Our Passion - Children and Dogs

As an author, Murph is all about supporting children and the dogs with which they share their world. Murph's stories feature children and dogs with all abilities and emphasize the importance of empathy, compassion, and love for dog kind. 

Our flagship book, "Molly's Miracle" is a Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (H.E.A.R.T) recommended selection.

Learn more about teaching with H.E.A.R.T. 


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